About Us

Chi Mark Precision Industry Corp. was established in Feb. 1993. As an innovative and quality guaranteed company, we continually engaged in expanding product lines of PROFESSIONAL INSPECTION TOOLS. No matter it is from automotive, aviation, machinery, roadside assistance, industrial, hardware or to computer hardware, as long as it is about inspection and repair, Chi Mark can reach all of the requirements you come up with. And we also help our customers succeed by providing indispensable information based on products and services. Our extraordinary team makes it all possible.

Inspection Tools Expert
The current product lines of inspection tools include well-designed Inspection Mirrors, Claw Pick-Up Tools, Auto Inspection Tool Kits, LED Lighted Inspection Tools, Magnetic Pick-Up Tools, Stainless Steel Magnetic Trays, LED Flashlights & Lamps, Lockout Tool Kits, Automotive Glass Repair Tools, and etc.

Keep Researching and Developing
Chi Mark considers intensive research and innovative development as the company’s forefront, accompanying with the support of excellent advisory process and after-sales service. Please have a look at our portfolio for further details what we have undertaken.