1203A 16-pc. Precision Inspection Tool Kit

  • Item No. : 1203A

This Auto kit is a perfect tool and a have to be used in the garage or the workshop.  

LED Lighted telescope, Nichia Japanese White LED
Patented Inspection Mirrors: 30 mm round mirror & 9.8 mm stainless steel mirror
1 lb. Magnetic Telescope with Scriber
12 in 1 Double-End Precision Screwdriver
1 pound Magnetic retriever with drawing pin or windshield washer nozzle adjustment tool


Features :

  • Super Bright LED Lighted Telescope
    * Equipped with NICHIA Japanese White LED Light which delivers up to 44,000 mcd brightness and 100,000 hours long useful lifetime
    * Turns on when extended and off when returned to normal position
  • 30 mm clear inspection mirror and 9.8 mm stainless steel mirror plate
    * Features the C-clip for mirror to quickly attach or release from the LED lighted telescope for perfect viewing and detection
  • Magnetic Retriever with Scriber or Windshield Nozzle Cleaning & Adjustment Tool
    * Holding force up to 1 lb. which is ideal for lifting small steel tools or parts
    * Remove the top cap and the pointed head can be used as a scriber to make marks when drawing lines or the thin probe is used as a windscreen washer spray nozzle cleaner 
  • 12 in 1 Precision Screwdriver
    * 6 pcs double end screwdriver bits for your precision needs contained in easy-controlled handle grip
    * Extendable bits holder from 135mm to 200mm to reach your target easily
  • Any other small tools to be included in the toolkit are workable upon request



Specification :            ( SS = Stainless Steel )  

Descripation Specification (metric) Specification (imperial)
Quick  Mount Telescope 664 mm 26-1/8"
Round Mirror 30 mm 1-3/16"
Round Stainless Steel Mirror 9.8 mm  SS 3/8"  SS   
Magnetic Retriever & Scriber 0.3 kg 1 lb.
Precision Screwdriver 6 pcs double-end screwdriver bits
LED Penlight 20 lumens