1205 All in One Quick Release Auto Inspection Tool Set

  • Item No. : 1205

Ideal for automotive, aviation, garage, engine and machinery application.  

Professional Auto Inspection Tool Set, Inspection & Retrieving Tool Kit
Professional Auto Inspection Tool Kit - Quick Release, 7-pc. Automotive Inspection Tool Kit
Patented Quick Release Telescope
Super Bright Nichia Japanese White LED, 8 lb. Magnetic Retriever
Patented Professional Mirrors: 43 x 65 mm rectangular and 50 mm round mirror
Quality Flexible Claw Pick-Up Tool, Stainless Steel Magnetic Tray
High Value-Added Zipper Bag with EVA sponge

Features :

  • Patented Quick Release Telescopic with Soft Rubber Grip
  • Nichia Japanese White LED Light
    * NICHIA Japanese Ultra Bright White LED Light with brightness of up to 44,000 mcd; long useful life up to 100,000 hours
    * The unique design with both a focus lens & reflector provides a highly intense beam of light
  • Professional Inspection Mirror - Rectangular 43 x 65 mm and Round 50mm mirror
    * The mirror provides a perfect reflection and can be adjusted 360 degrees, also allows visual inspection in confined areas
    * All mirror frames are made of tough stainless steel to resist corrosion
  • Strong magnet - 8 lb.
    * The magnet will hold up to 8 lb. and pick up metal objects in hard to reach places
  • Quality Claw Pick-Up Tool with 3 prongs
    * It is easy to pick up small, non-ferrous items in tight areas. To enable quick and reliable grapping of objects, it has three claws that extend or return to their original position upon pressing or releasing the tail button
  • Round Magnetic Tray - 110mm
    * With its powerful rubber-protected magnet, this magnetic tray is suitable for practically all industrial applications ranging and keeps parts & tools right where you need them using in any position even vertically or upside-down


Specification : 

Descripation Specification (metric) Specification (imperial)
Quick Release Telescope 654 mm 25-3/4" 
Round Mirror 50 mm 2"
Rectangular Mirror 43 x 65 mm 1-11/16" x 2-9/16"
Claw Grabber Length 500 mm 19-3/4"
Round Magnetic Tray 110 mm 4-3/8"
Strong Magnet 3.5 kg 8 lb.
LED Brightness 44,000 mcd