1363 Quality Flexible Claw Pick-Up Tool - 3 Prong

  • Item No. : 1363

Ideal for automotive, off-road equipment, aviation, and industrial inspection applications.
Extend your reach safely and easily with this amazing claw grabber.

3-Claw Pick-Up Tool, 3-Prong Flexible Claw Pick-Up Tool, Flexible Claw Grabber
Professional Flexible Pick-Up Tool with Strong Claws
Flexible shaft can be bent to any shape, Sure-Grip Handle for comfort & control
Overall length in 500, 540, 600 and 700 mm

Features :

  • Simply squeezing the handle, the claw arm can grab the object and move it to its new destination easily. This is the perfect tool for hard-to-reach items in a car or machine
  • Overall length in 500mm, 540mm, 600mm and 700mm or any lengths at your request
  • Fully flexible stem for access to awkward and narrow spaces 
  • Pick up objects and hold tight with the 3-prong retractable claws
  • Easy open and close the claws with elegant finger grip


Specification : 

Claw Prong  Claw Prong Length (inch)
3 prong  350 13-3/4"
3 prong  500 19-5/8"
3 prong  540 21-1/4"
3 prong  600 23-5/8"
3 prong  700 27-1/2"