1361 Mini Claw Pick-Up Tool 3 Prong

  • Item No. : 1361

Suitable for electronic industry, diamond jeweler and other specialized staffs’ use.
This mini claw pick-up tool is a good tweezers, handy and effective.

Small Claw Pick Up Tool with Strong Claws
Claw Pick-Up Tool Tweezer, 3-Claw Pick-Up Tool, 3 Prong Tweezers
Perfect tweezer for the electronics industry and diamond craftsmanship
Diamond Holder pick up Tool, Pocket model for easy carrying
Unique Design and Excellent Quality

Features :

  • Three strong claws for stable grabbing
  • Just press the plunger to open the claws and let go of the plunger to close the jaws
  • Easy to carry it with pocket clip
  • Pick Up Tool Tweezer for Diamonds Gems Gemstones & Beads, it's great for jewelry makers


Specification : 

Claw Prong  Length (mm) Length (inch)
3 prong  165 6-1/2"