1206A 4-pc. Non-Rotating Telescope Inspection Tool Set

  • Item No. : 1206A

The quick release inspection set is a perfect tool in the garage or the workshop. 

4 pieces Inspection Mirror Kit - Patented Quick Release Mechanism
Patented Quick Release Non-Rotating Telescope
Patented Oval Mirrors: 30 x 45 mm, 46 x 69 mm
Strong Magnet 3.5 lb.
Hanging Window Box with EVA Sponge

Features: :

  • High quality non-rotating telescoping design holds firmly with large size mirrors in the desired position
  • Patented quick release telescope could equip with a variety of size mirrors
  • Professional Inspection Mirrors in various sizes - Round, Oval, Rectangular mirrors
    * The patented glass mirror provides a perfect reflection and can be adjusted 360 degrees, also allows visual inspection in confined areas
    * All mirror frames are made of tough stainless steel to resist corrosion
  • The Magnet will hold up to 3.5 lb. and pick up metal objects in hard to reach places
  • It comes with a comfortable and textured cushion grip
  • 4 pieces Quick Release telescoping inspection tool set lays in EVA sponges, then into a hanging window box

Specification :            ( SS = Stainless Steel )  

Description Specification (mm) Specification (inch)
Quick Release Non-Rotating Telescope 780 30-3/4"
Oval Mirror 30 x 45  oval 1-3/16" x 1-3/4"  oval
Oval Mirror 46 x 69  oval 1-3/4" x 2-3/4"  oval
Strong Magnet 1.6 kg 3.5 lb.