503-1800 Extra Long Reach Door Lock Tool - 1800 mm

  • Item No. : 503-1800

It’s a simple door opening tool, but convenient and practical.
Ideal for automotive, aviation, garage, engine and machinery application.

Extra Long Reach Door Lockout Tool 1800 mm
Long Reach Emergency Roadside Tool 1800 mm
Glow-in-the-dark cover
Non-scratch coating

Features :

  • The length of 1800mm allows for “across automobile”
  • This long reach tool equipped with glow-in-the-dark cover in the tip end can be operated in the dark easily ( noctilucent )
  • With Protective tip for damage-free during operation
  • Non-scratch coating is strong and durable
  • Black grip handle
  • Overall length in 1800mm
  • 1 piece plastic opening wedge included


Specification : 

Description Overall Length (mm) Overall Length (inch)
Long Reach Door Tool 1,800 70-7/8"
Tip Cover glow in the dark cover