1109AM Windshield Repair Magnifying Inspection Mirror

  • Item No. : 1109AM

Ideal for windshield repair, it's easy to repair a windshield chip or crack with this inspection mirror tool.
Pivoting Inspection Mirror with Suction Cup is a necessary instrument for mending chipped windshield.

Magnifying Inspection Mirror with Suction Cup, Windshield Crack Repair Inspection Mirror
Professional Inspection Mirrors, 55 mm 5x Magnifying Swivel Mirror 
Stainless Steel Mirror Frame, Strong Suction Cup
Patented Round Magnifying Mirrors: magnifications 55 mm 5x

Features :

  • With easy-to-use suction cup, the pivoting inspection mirror can be easily fixed onto the inside or any position of the windscreen to ensure accuracy when you mend chipped windshield  
  • Magnifying Inspection Mirror 55 mm 5x Magnification
  • The magnifying mirrors allows to inspecting and observing the small prints or objects in areas that are out of reach or obstructed, especially in automotive, computer, machine and blocked area
  • Professional clear mirror features perfect reflection for inspecting jobs
  • Suction cup can be attached to any smooth surface fast and quick release, even to adhere to slight curved surface
  • Vacuum cup is excellent for horizontal or vertical loads


Available sizes :   (* Recommended sizes )

Round mirror 
(mm)  (inch)
*55 - 5x 2-3/16" - 5x