67103 Portable COB LED Slim Work Light Rechargeable

  • Item No. : 67103

Ideal for automotive, aviation, engine, machinery, camping, construction and household work application.

8W COB LED Working Lamp Rechargeable, Pen Light Lamp Rechargeable
High intensity COB LED Work Lamp, Pocket inspection Lamp Rechargeable
Rechargeable LED Working Lamp

Features :

  • 8W COB LED provides a max illuminance brightness with 600 lumens
  • The dimmer switch allows you to adjust the brightness to the desired intensity and turn the work light on and off
  • Equipped with a battery charging indicator, red light on means charging and blue light on means fully charged
  • Simply secure it anywhere with the magnetic base and magnetic pen buckle
  • Power : 1pc 18650 Li-ion 3.6V rechargeable battery
  • The USB charging cable & power adapter included


Specification :  (Function:  ON - Dimmer - OFF  /   Lighting Type: White COB LED)

Rechargeable Battery Brightness (Lumens) Runtime (hr.) Dimmer Zoom Charging Indicator Size (mm)
Li-ion 2250mAh 3.6V 600 3  - - - v 215x 27 x 30