1355 Bendable Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

  • Item No. : 1355

Great for retrieving small metal objects such as nails, screws, washers, key rings and more. 
It facilitates your daily use and helps you pick metal objects up with ease, especially in tight work demands.

Flexible Magnetic Pickup Tool
Bendable Retriever Stick

Features :

  • Comfortable handle with flexible steel spring shaft that bends and holds in all positions.
  • Flexible shaft to pick up ferrous objects in the obstructed areas
  • The head diameter is only 7 mm grant easy access to the confined areas and retrieve any ferrous parts that get-away
  • Overall tool length: 510 mm
  • Holding forces 600g (1.3 lb.)


Specification : 

Holding force (g) Holding force (lb.) Overall length (mm) Overall length (inch)
600  1.3 510 20"