1354 Magnetic Flexible Pick-Up Tool with Anti-Magnetic Cover

  • Item No. : 1354

This flexible magnetic retriever is a perfect tool in the garage or the workshop.

Flexible Magnetic Retrieving Tool
Patented Flexible Magnetic Pick-Up Tool with Anti-Magnetic Cover
Flexible Stem Can Be Bent to Any Shape
Holding Forces: 1 kg (2.2 lb.) 
Overall Length: 580 mm, 680 mm


Features :

  • T-type ergonomic handle
  • Patented Magnetic Pick-Up Tool with anti-magnetic cover can pick up the metal objects in hard to reach place, without affecting unrelated metal surface
  • Flexible shaft to pick up ferrous objects in the obstructed areas
  • Ideal tool to find and retrieve any ferrous parts that get-away
  • Discharge the retrieved object by releasing the tail button to keep your hands free
  • Practical use due to flexible shaft
  • Holding forces 1 kg (2.2 lb.)
  • Overall length: 580 mm, 680 mm


Specification : 

Holding force (kg) Holding force (lb.) Overall  length (mm) Overall  length (inch)
1 2.2 580 22-3/4"
1 2.2 680 26-3/4"